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Sales improvement tip of CD,DVD

How to make a CD Cover, DVD cover from paper

The chapter of Plastic case is here.

It introduces how to make a cover from paper here.
The software that was going to be used this time can be downloaded from website of Mr. MKS free of charge with software[easy design tool] Mr. MKS.
Moreover, the form used was being sold by Mr. MKS similarly, and special formeasy design tool..carriage.. separately ..consumption tax.. ) was used.

A convenient point of this software is to be able to do both the design of the CD cover and the prints of the CD surface of the board design.

The liked logo is made, and the title of the name of a song etc. can be processed and penetration be processed freely very much it is possible to do the processing of the layout of the image and the layout of the character.
The cover for the new song of the manager unit was made by actually using this software.

CD,DVD paper cover

how to make CD,DVD cover Table side cover

my CD

how to make CD,DVD cover The other side cover

CD,DVD cover

The person who wants to listen to an actual sound souse : here please.0CD purchase hope

how to make CD,DVD coverKnowledge of paper cover

The sound is amplified to a disk the doughnut of history of the paper cover with the amplifier scratching the record sound source ditch with the needle and it goes back to the sounded age. 

A part of paper cover of limited release with Hiroshiban CD etc. ..peel.. , CD had tried the cover of an analog sound source of record in the main current before it became it.
At that time, the record cover was occasionally evaluated as an artistic production.
The camera was taken of a picture naturally with a film, and cameraman's capability, design composition, and edit technique had a large influence on sales of the record in not the main current digital but the age.
The design of a modern CD cover and the paper cover condensed to an artistic 120-centimeter corner is big properties of the present age when music was united with the art art, and it possesses great significance as a place for a new expression of the record board before.

By manager potman

how to make CD,DVD cover Various, analog records that can be bought now

how to make CD,DVD coverIt proceeds to how to make the paper cover.


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