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 Method of downloading latest tune and famous piece of music (MP3) free of charge

Method of acquiring free software for CD/DVD cover making

Software for the printer and the print is necessary preceding to make the CD/DVD label and the label cover.
It became very easy to make because a lot of printers for the CD/DVD print with good performance had appeared on the market recently. Does it think that the software only for CD/DVD direct print is attached when the printer is bought, and does not hesitating only in it if it is necessary to buy it newly come when the CD label print software has not been used as it wants to produce only the cover by way of experiment and it is not possession either?
Then, it introduces the print software for the CD/DVD surface of the board and in the case of that can be downloaded free of charge .

However, there might be a few bugs etc. because it is free software.
Please install software in the self-responsibility.
Even if the bug etc. occur, it doesn't assume the responsibility on
this site at all.

For CD/DVD cover print

Soft great opinion discernment(excerpt from soft each explanation)
Label/card making soft label producer only for Windows version


It is free software corresponding to all labels and the cover indices like the CD/DVD label, the cover, the DVD toll case, and the CD barrel type case business card type case, etc.It corresponds to other AV labels, OA labels, business cards, original cards, and the animation prints.
Easy design atelier


The content of the print does and to design, free special software is prepared easily about the CD/DVD cover. Not only case but also CD?R surface of the board can be designed. It is software that can do both covers and the surface of the board prints.

It corresponds one by one by the version of the cancellation of trouble and the improvement of the
function, etc.
We will promptly inform of upgrade information and new release information, etc. when registering
with HP of Mr. MKS.

CD case cover print 2001

Mr. plateau Saint

The image and the character (name of a song etc.) can be put. It is choked enough though it doesn't correspond to a form on the market.

The corresponding image format puts Susie Plugin in the same folder though is only bmp form and the correspondence image format can be expanded very much.

For CD/DVD label and label surface of the board print

Software on the market and free software have a lot of good things though it comes of the purchase of special software for the printer that can print the surface of the board. It introduces such software that can be used here.

Easy design atelier


To design the content of the print easily, free special software was
Not only case but also CD?R can be designed.
This software can fine-tune the print point.
Please inquire of Mr. MKS about the printer etc. that can be used.

Let's use special software for the CD label making of the sales purpose.

It is a lot at the stage that the individual is developing in open source as a versatile tool unlike incorporated developed by a soft specialized field when it is still inconvenient though the software for the CD/DVD label and the CD/DVD cover making that can be used free of charge is very welcome existence for the artist who flies the capital by musical instruments and machine parts.

If an original CD/DVD cover, label, business card, poster, and flier are designed for myself without requesting it to really distribution it, and wanting concentration on you and the composition of writing songs of the singer-songwriter who doesn't have special staff, and professional designers, it becomes high performance, and software by which the price also comparatively becomes cheap on the market is convenient.

It becomes considerable high performance recently, and CD/DVD label/cover making software is laid out of no defeat at a special designer and can be designed.

When the amateur tries to design the CD/DVD label and the cover, it unexpectedly embarrasses it with the selection and the image material selection of the material. The software only for the marketed CD DVD label/cover print need not start other various software even when a lot of software's that is originally attached of the material collection (attention of might not being able the use of the soft collection image in case of the sales purpose), looking for separately on the net, turning or using it by the hobby.

My live VTR takes a snap photograph from certain and the digital video, etc. , and it performs at home, and because the one that the function that the capture of a momentary image can be done from TV recently moreover, and animation attached appears, too it can smoothly edit and is very convenient recording the sung scene on VTR the capture doing a favorite scene, and can the image print on CD as it is and the DVD label dynamically and intuitively, and.

It doesn't hesitate and we will recommend buying by all means when realizing the limitations in production with CD in the sales purpose, DVD cover, CD/DVD label making, and free software.

DVD label free design software CD cover automatic making software.

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