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Method of printing CD/DVD label

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Do to request the CD/DVD press?

Method of printing surface of CD/DVD

To the method of the print on the surface of CDR
- With the method of the print on the surface of CD
- Method of putting label printed on CD
The equipment of the slot Inn type (type to draw in CD automatically when CD is inserted by the CD loading slot of the CD player and the personal computer) has some problems in and the latter, and has danger to which the mis-operation cannot be caused, and CD be taken out.

There are some notes about the print of the surface of the board print of CD and DVD.

Equipment of slot Inn type

This is because the thickness of CD increases by pasting the label, and the resistance at the time of taking out increases for the equipment of the slot Inn type.

When CD made with great pains also troubles the listened person, it
is a problem.
When noticing, I bought it newly to the type that the printer was
able to be printed directly.

A direct print on the surface of CD is strongly recommended in original CD production to sell it by this reason on this site.

It prints the CD label according to inkjet.

Moreover, we will strongly recommend the kit sold for exclusive use to be used even when the printed label seal is put on CDR.

Please refer to the following page for details.


Media that can be printed directly on surface of CDR

CDR to be able to do direct print on surface of CD by inkjet printer.

The case is not attached only by CDR. When a large amount of CDR is made, it is the best because the unit price a piece is suppressed to cheapness. To use Pracas of optional various types, it recommends it.

Printer for CD/DVD surface print direct print

The CD surface print corresponding model of an inkjet method is published.

High performance photo printer. Minimum ink drop 1pl highest Tozou 9600×2400dpi.

Ink adoption of five colors of four dyestuff colors + pigments BK. It corresponds to the automatic photograph correction by using bundled software (PC is used). High-speed print of L seal Fti none of about 18 seconds.

It corresponds to a two sided of automatic print and 2Way paper feed/DVD/CD label print. For direct cameraThe interface is USB2.0Hi-Speed.

Fast beauty and comfort. The feeling of ..fine quality.. existence is a shot high
performance photo printer.

Gap when CDR direct is printed

The printer that can print the CDR surface of the board that appears recently directly is also the one to correct the gap when printing, and is serious when there is a gap when a large amount of printing.

When CDR that has already been recorded becomes a print mistake, only it makes time and CDR

Then, a convenient product was discovered. It is put on the market from the Sanwa supply by the CDR trial print form.

Because this CDR trial print form is made according to the thickness of genuine CD/DVD, might not it firmly install on the CD/DVD tray, it be blocked in the printer, and it be caught.
This trial print form can be printed on both sides of the inside and outside, and as much as 20 trial prints can be done.

About the coating of the surface of CDR that has been printed

CDR color protector

The surface of the board printing according to inkjet is weaker to moisture than a
business, full-color print.

What printed with great pains is spoilt because it is not dry when the surface is touched soon
after it prints.

Moreover, ink begins to melt when the drop of water etc. are dropped after it dries
enough and it blots.

For instance, it feels carelessly by the drink and the hand to have sweated, and important CD that was easy, dirty the print, had a hard time, and made is spoilt.

Even if it is handmade, I want to sell it as tidy CD. The coating material of the CD surface of the board print was immediately used because it discovered it when thinking, and a wide variety of looking for.

The coating can be used for not only Printabl CDR and the barrel and the card type luster paper but also the glazed paper being put on the market by Erecom Sanwa though it is a product of CD-R color protector X by the one chiefly developed for Printabl of CDR.

When it is effective also in the plain paper, and multiplies the spray, the court layer
formation waterproof and UV = fades and is prevented on the surface.

Naturally, it becomes difficult also for the fingerprint etc. to attach. About 500-1000
Corteng is possible by CDR.

CDR protector effect verification experiment


Surface of CDR printed in surface of the board directly with inkjet printer (surface
of the board print).

Ink on the surface peels off easily by the drop of water and the sweat, etc. the
state as it is it.

Is there a little resistance on the quality side compared with the heat sublime
print of the business use etc. if it sells it?

Then, some methods discovered the one that the print side was able to be coated with the spray of CDR protector when groping whether.

It experimented which extent it to was effective by the use of this.

Please refer sticking to to the quality by all means.

The printed ink was washed in clear water to the surface of CDR

To the right half of CDR on which the CDR surface is printed
The coating was given with the CDR protector, and the left half was flushed for about one minute by using tap water with nothing done in the stream.

CDR on which the surface was printed was printed one year or more
ago, and used completely dry CDR.

cdr coat

As you see, the result :. (Please click a large image. )

The color ..left half not coated.. ..coated right half.. has not been faded at all momentarily at the time of sprinkled water though it ..color.. has fallen with Satsu.

It understands on the screen, and moreover, a moderate effect of luster is achieved
and externals have improved though it is painful.

This is absolutely recommended.

The coating agent : as attention.
Note not taking on the data side.

Other print methods of surface of CDR label

It is a disk title printer of the all-in-one type to install the keyboard for the character input in the main body of the printer. It is possible to do from the title entry to the print only with the main body easily even if it doesn't connect it with the personal computer. Because it is a dry battery type, carrying is also easy.
The free layout that connects with the personal computer, and uses the TrueType font matched to the character print and the usage is possible. It is possible to print by reading a variety of character data on the personal computer, and the read image can be printed on the label side on the disk.

How to make lyrics card
It advances to "The lyrics card is made".

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