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Method to convert into mp3 file by using itunes

It easily introduces the method of making the mp3 file for the online music distribution from independent production original CD by using software "ITunes" distributed free of charge for the music download that is an indispensable item of ipod been released by Apple Computer Inc. and the player.

"ITunes" can be downloaded here free of charge.

mp3 Podcast of the source is selected, and a lower right set button is clicked.


makingThe MP3 encoder of "Method of import" is selected in "Import" tab clicking "Details" tab.

mp3 encode

A set value is selected by the favor. If it is audition extent, it is enough in standard tone quality because a user not broadband and the visitor might not be able to audition when the mp3 file is made high sound quality too much.

mp3 bitrate

Original CD and independent production CD that wants to be converted into the mp3 file after OK is clicked are inserted. Because original CD is not registered to CDDB, it is displayed like the state of default (track 01). Please see here when you register my original CD to CDDB.

Method of registering independent music CD information in data base

マークThe track that wants to be converted with itunes is selected, it right-clicks, the selection item is clicked, and conversion is clicked to MP3.


The display like the under appears in the upper part of the center of the interface and it is converted into the mp3 file.

ipod itunes mp3 converted

It confirms preserving ahead.

I usually think the file of the mp3 conversion to be preserved in the folder such as iTunes that my music of a my document includes. It explains the method of examining preserving ahead because it is thought that it might be different preserving ahead according to the setting of customized PC and software.

mp3 file The converted tune is displayed in the library of the source, it right-clicks in it and property is opened.

iTunes mp3 file convert

Details in the preserved place can be confirmed by seeing "Outline" lower middle.

iTunes mp3 Making

It needs without fail when the file is sent to the up-loading of original tune mp3 file on the homepage, and the online music distribution site and remember by all means, please.

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