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It is an electronic drums and is a recommendation of home practice.

In what place is you practiced when a band practice and the session are done?

Even if the rat-tat evolves, machine parts doesn't think the given environment that actually practices drumming all together in the band mate, the unit, and the group to be so as a matter of fact.

Are not there suitable place to put it together on the sound of the drum as the number one problem and place where the drum is personally practiced for the band?

Same..make by oneself..recording..studio..make..indeed..life..drum..perform..space..soundproofing..measures..home..considerably..large-scale..one..become..soundproofing..construction..request..pin..provide..drum..practice..room..real..soundproofing..construct..room.It needs it for about three million yen.

The boldly latest electronic percussion decided to be bought since it tried and erred though it did not know how I was able to produce the band sound.

I was really surprised to actually beat though the bought electronic percussion was Roland TD-3KW-S in the photograph (Details were seen when clicking) on.

The high-ranking electronic drum model can embrace that Madonna though it is made to do ..
use also to the tour...

Frankly speaking, it is a surprise at the height of the technology of Japan. I did not think that it had evolved here. It is a wonderful product. Do not have a developer side of a Roland electronic drum alone, and thank you for being able involved in the commercialization of this product really.

Thus, it wants to introduce the charm of this electronic percussion V-drums to make me impressed too much, and I want to tell many to an embarrassed drummer and band man by oneself in the drum practice place.

 Kind and manufacturer of electronic percussion

As the electronic percussion, the electronic percussion of alias and the drum set type such as the silent pictures drums and Eredora, and Electric drums, the main manufacturers being put on the market now are the following four companies.

When the link is clicked, the electronic percussion of each company is seen.

As notes when buying it, pedals might be optionals.

It is to be able to combine according to the model, it inquires in the shop.

It does.

 Why was Roland's electronic percussion V-drums bought?

Well, I decided to buy electronic drum V-drums series of Roland (Roland) finally though it got down to business.

Whether it did to Roland's electronic percussion V-drums why beats the material of adopted mesh pad easily compared with a past rubber pad ..a quiet emergency it.., and is near the life drum in this model.


The price might be considerably expensive though the mesh pad is almost adopted in electronic drum top-end model TD-20TD-12 series.

However, it is understood that this is a product that surpasses an unskilled life drum when thinking about the beating feelings, tone quality, and the function.

It was the most low-priced, and the mesh pad was only adopted for the snare drum in the model named TD-3KW-S, and because the total of the kit was a handy price of about 110,000 yen, purchase was determined to electronic drum TD-3 series who was the younger brother amount model though the rubber pad no adoption of the mesh pad. (attention of attachment to neither kick pedal nor chair to manufacturer kit)

It is cheap. (There are as for the carriage in the case free of charge more than * Man'en a lot. )


A considerable size is at three entrances in all though the image of seeing it is a box of
the electronic percussion that has been sent.

It actually becomes such feeling if it assembles it because the buffer material etc.
are most.


It is considerably more compactly than the life drum is put settled though two mats in the mat are light and the size of the electronic percussion is used.

Apartment house..downstairs..vibration..uneasy..vibration absorption..pad..soundproofing..carpet..pave..thing..encourage.

I think that the bass drum is described and the sound when dullness is kicked becomes noises most in case of saying though the vibration dares to be the more greatly more incomparable than the life drum small.

Because this photograph is set up in six mats of the side of living of the first
floor in home in the Japanese-style room, there is not an unpleasant vibration and
either it is quiet.

It is because because the character of the mat absorbs the vibration to some degree even if
it averts and F pad etc. are not paved.

 How much is the noise level of the electronic percussion?

First of all, it is correct that the storm of the complaint comes from the vicinity though it thinks the beating of the life drum in the room not soundproofed to be able to imagine it easily if the person has beaten the life drum if it beats at night. ..(.. ..laughter..)

Then, let's actually listen to the sound of the electronic percussion for which the sound source of this electronic percussion V-Drums is not used (sound that hears as a free practice stand) though it doesn't know how much to become.

- If the text under each image or the image is clicked, it sounds it.
All about are the mp3 files and 3?10 seconds.

Sound only of mesh pad(snare drum)

Sound only of mesh pad(snare drum)

Sound of rubber pad(Tamutam etc.)

Sound of rubber pad(Tamutam etc.)

Sound of cymbals and high hat cymbals

Sound of cymbals and high hat cymbals


Sound when eight beats are beaten

- Recorder material: Stereophonic recording with Sony stereo IC recorder

I think that you may catch of the sound of Ryde cymbals and high hat cymbals with feeling
similar to the rubber bud.

How?It is understood that it is not annoying so much.

Even if such I beat only the desire, I am not too annoying though am now 75-kilo weight.

But..bass drum..hang..kick..pedal..strength..considerably..vibration..generate..have..actually..house..part..use..rental apartment..wall..extreme..thin..vibration..suppress..device..exclusive use..vibration absorption..pad..pave..exclusive use..stand..make..soundproofing..for..curtain..somewhat..turn..consider..bear in mind..good..think.

 Ability of Roland (Roland) V-Drums

Then, how much power of expression of the performance does this electronic
percussion actually have?

I have given it up without not convincing to the drum sound, and liking feeling of electronic sound really made though I have thought that I make music from the rhythm machine and driving, etc. many times up to now.

Only because the electronic percussion has built the electronic sound into the pad after all, a real sound like the life drum will not be permanently obtained ・・・ It is necessary.

However, Inazma ran when this electronic percussion V-drums demonstration was seen. (It is not
exaggerated. )

Bou and the edge are beaten ..cymbals to say nothing of greatly ringing.. of course and it is possible to divide, and very, chalk Souhou can be done, and Ryde cymbals go out to the sound in the cup if it ..rim shot.. beats strongly from the roll with a slight even only snare. The sound source is the drum set of 32, and corresponds to all genres.

Can even other these kind of things be done?Full loading of function.

Anyway, it understands if it sees.

When this demonstration is seen, electronic percussion TD? of top-end model in realityIt abandons by all means because of the convenience of the budget, and TD? that is the younger brother amount though I wanted 20 series. Three was bought. Present TD?Money is being saved for 20 purchase.

After the demonstration is seen, it doesn't take me half a day by the order.

Thanks to you, with my child of just the start of music

In the living of home where the soundproofing equipment was not in order either, the
session was able to be done by three people.

Happiness very said.

Thank you for Roland.

It is possible to confirm it in all almost models on the Roland manufacturer

It returns again when the demonstration is confirmed. Do you fit in?!


Site where electronic percussion V-Drums can be bought

Finally, it introduces the site where V-Drums, a so-called electronic percussion, the silent pictures drum, and the Electric drum (Eredora) can be bought. Because the following shop is a net shop where results that I actually bought, it does recommended at ease.

The model whom I bought is this.

↑ It is a shop where I bought V-Drums this time. Luggage arrived from application on about three days. Correspondence may be terrible and be early.

The following net shop is recommended when there is no commodity in
the above-mentioned.
In the musical instrument large-scale sale site that Chiba has, I am
a habitue. ..(.. ..laughter..)

↓ Electronic drum net mail order

It is a very popular among musicians, and a standard shop. Correspondence is early.

Because the manager also is shopping considerably here, it is recommended. (capacitor
mike and MTR, etc.)

Let's obtain V-Drums by all means also by you, and start the band life right

Even if there is no soundproofing equipment, can a happy, by home happy session
be done?!

Next time, I want to tell the method of enjoying not emitting the sound generated from the method and the amplifier that does the session without troubling the vicinity with an actually small sound you to surroundings at all all by a large volume.


Then, moreover. Adios. Amigo!

It returns to the top on this page.

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